Condesa De Leganza Rosado Tempranillo 2009

Cost Plus World Market $9.99 (sale 6.99)

Aaron:  Plum, grape and strawberry were the prominent smells, followed by a little raisin, which made this smell almost like a port.  Unfortunately, the taste was much lighter than the smell and was sharp and thin.  The flavor had aged raisins without much berry and was almost tart.  Surprisingly this was not sweet at all.  85 points

Teri: This is an interesting rose made from the Tempranillo grape. It carries a pleasant plum and brown sugar smell on the nose with a light rose body without the sweetness. I characterize the flavor as strawberry and raisin, similar to a port but without the sweetness. Unique but not my favorite. I could only drink this wine in small portions.  84 points


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