Opolo Vineyards Summit Creek Zinfandel 2010

This wine was an excellent suggestion by Leslie!

BevMo, $16.99
Total Wine & More, $14.99
Select Costco Wholesale, $14.99

Aaron:   The smell of this zin was epic!  There was a slight oakiness but the dominant flavor was a white chocolate raspberry – yum!  The flavor following this fanciful fantasy (fun with alliterations for my English major friends) was fantastic.  Full jammy richness overflowed the palate with smooth tannins and subtle raisins.  There was some cinnamon or peppermint on the tip of the tongue but the finish was smooth and lasting.  92 points

Teri: This is a classic tasty Zin from the Paso Robles region of California. A strong red berry and vanilla smell makes way for a rich and jammy body, with full legs. The long finish carries the flavors of raspberry and blackberry long after you swallow. Surprisingly for the flavors the body of the wine feels more medium personally to me but the tannins are great! Full round flavor and great characteristics would make this a special addition to many meals. 92 points