DaVinci Chianti 2009

Cost Plus World Market, 12.99
Total Wine & More, 8.99
BevMo, 10.99

Aaron:  This was my first Chianti and I was very excited to enjoy it with a nice pasta dish.  The smell was tight with strawberries, raspberries and nuts fighting for dominance, however the flavor was full and mellow with a medium body.  I found it difficult to point to a particular taste but it had a great finish which was not too harsh and relinquished like velvet.  89 points

Teri: I really enjoy a great glass of Chianti now and again. Da Vinci’s carries a spicy nose with smooth characteristics from start to finish. The medium body red carried flavors of cranberry, raspberry, and plum with long slow legs and a hint of spice on the finish. The flavors do not come on strong and overall the wine sits very light on the palate. 88 points