Thanksgiving Recommendations – SPECIAL POST

Thank you Stefanie for suggesting a Thanksgiving post.  For those of you keeping notes, we are breaking our pattern of 2-3 posts per week to bring you these SPECIAL recommendations.

Be sure to check out our “Dinner Party” section for wines we feel would go over well regardless of the guests.  If you take our advise please let us know!  We want to hear how you felt, how your guests reacted and share your story with our readers.  So leave a comment or send us an email at  Enjoy (and note, each wine is linked to its original post!)

Thanksgiving in General
The following wines should please most people and won’t break your budget.  We tried to identify wines to pair well with traditional Thanksgiving food like turkey, veggies and pumpkin pie.

If you have an inexperienced crowd:
These are more inexpensive wines which should be appealing to underdeveloped palates (which usually look for something sweeter and smooth).

If you have an adventurous crowd:
These are some of our favorites so we recommend them for those individuals who care more about the wine than the food – caution: if embarking on this path be sure people get to enjoy the wine!

If you have a snobby crowd:
We all know these people – and sadly, they usually care more about the name than the flavor.  To impress these folks you’ll have to spend a little more but these wines will reward your taste buds. 


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recommendations – SPECIAL POST

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