2006 Monte De Oro Synergy 65

Monte De Oro is a beautiful winery located in Temecula, CA.

Monte De Oro Website
 $33 dollars/bottle from website

Aaron:  My opinion on blends is normally not too positive.  While easy to drink and generally enjoyable to the masses I find they lack the distinction among flavors necessary to make a wine truly spectacular.  That said, the Synergy 65 is pretty awesome.  The rich bouquet of berries and nuts predicates an enjoyable palate of blackberries.  Light tannins mold gently into a smooth flavor which is very enjoyable.  The wine is slightly sweet in my opinion but adds to the “synergy” of the grape.  Nicely done.  90 Points

Teri: This is an enjoyable blend with a mild smell of red fruit. The taste has a slight spice with an undertone of ripe red fruits. When first open it tasted a little tight so let to breath to bring out more flavors. 85 points


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