Vila Regia Douro Tinto 2008

Total Wine & More, $7.49

Aaron: I was not impressed with the smell of this bottle; it was potent, rustic, musty, and frankly unpleasant.  However, the rich, medium bodied flavor was robust and tasted complete.  Mild tannins, complemented by limited berry flavors, resulted in a trim wine which could easily stand up to powerful foods.  I sensed strawberries in the background, masked by an overarching almond or hazelnut flavor .  Generally, it was interesting and I think a good buy for experienced wine drinkers; it will definitely pair well with intense and flavorful dishes.  89 points

Teri: This was the most interesting wine I have tried to date. I have a profile of characteristics I like but I give this one a good amount of points for uniqueness. It had an extremely smoky-earthy smell and the flavor in the mouth was fuller in feel than it was on flavor. There was not much fruit up front but more so on the tail with a lingering oak tones. This wine would be best paired with a strong flavors in a meal to complement and bring out more within the pairing. 85 points


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