Domaine du Moulie Madiran 2006

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $9.99
Average price around $12

Aaron:  I smelled tart cherry and currant on the nose of this wine and felt it was possibly a little overpowering.  There were light flavors with lots of cherries but not much else going on.  While there were only moderate tannins and no bite, I cannot honestly describe this as smooth.  Coupled with earthy tones of bark and leaves my overall impression was: skip it.  85 points

Teri: Classic french wines have a very different taste then those we are use to drinking in California. This bottle is no different. Although, it is not to my personal liking this wine has some good things going for it. The smell conveys blackberry and currant with long slow legs. I was surprised at how short lived the flavors were for how long the legs took to run down the glass. I would classify the overall taste of strawberry and cranberry with continual hints of spice and earth. 84 points


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