Barefoot Chardonnay NV

Available at most grocery stores and wine retailers:

Fry’s on sale, $5.49
Total Wine & More, $4.97
BevMo, $5.99

Aaron:  I’ve had a few Barefoot wines and generally reserve them for inexperienced guests however I  felt this was pretty acceptable.  The light smell was highlighted mostly by fruits and the taste was smooth and full.  I did notice a distinct immaturity to the flavor but I liked the butteriness.  This was complemented by tropical fruits and a slight bite on the tongue – though this dissipated by the swallow.  89 points

Teri: Barefoot makes a reasonable Chardonnay with a light lemon smell and a smooth light taste. In general some mass produced wines are hit and miss but this one is good choice when you don’t have a large selection or don’t want to break the bank. The lemon and citrus front flavors that transition into mango and a long tropical creamy finish are bound to please a variety of individuals. 88 points


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