Daniel Gehrs Fireside Port 2007

Purchased from the Daniel Gehrs tasting room in Los Olivos, CA.

Aaron:  Teri loved it, I didn’t – to be fair she likes port more than I do so if you’re into them also be sure to read her thoughts.  I felt this had a light smell for a port featuring more prunes than raisins.  The taste was completely flipped with tons of raisins and a hint of cocoa in the background.  I felt it was a little sharp but this might be due to a colder-than-perfect serving temperature.  84 points

Teri: This was one of the first ports I fell in love with. It carries strong raisin flavors that pair well with the fortified nature of the port. With a smooth warm finish and a hint of coco, this port is a beautiful dark color and is perfect when warmed in your hand through a port sipper. 90 points


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