Falernia Pedro Ximenez Reserva 2010

Found between $9-$14 dollars at various liquor retailers

Pedro Ximenez is a grape used historically in Spain for making sherrys and an often unheard of varietal. It was a new one for us too!

Aaron: I generally enjoyed this white.  It tasted very much like a savignon blanc and was a nice change.  Chili is one of those up and coming regions in my opinion and this wine demonstrates some great potential.  I smelled strong peach and apricot fruits which molded into an easy-to drink, smooth flavor.  The crisp sensation made the wine pleasant but did hint at youth.  I enjoyed a tiny bite of pear on the palate and would generally recommend this as a trial for new wine drinkers.  88 points

Teri: This bottle is crisp and refreshing. It has a nice lemon-citrus nose with a matching smooth lemon/lime flavor that carries a hint of cantaloupe. It is an interesting and not widely known varietal that would be a great conversation started for any party or get together. 87 points


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