Korbel Brut NV

Total Wine & More, $8.97
BevMo, $10.99
…can also be found at most alcohol retailers including: Target, WalMart, and even Amazon.

Aaron:  I was overwhelmed with fruit on the smell of this brut (which was surprising).  Berries and apricots frolicked away to reveal a dry flavor which dissipated quickly.  The fruity and slightly sweet taste was pleasant but could last longer.  A unique note (for a champagne) this seemed to warm the throat and stomach like a higher-alcohol content beverage.  91 points

Teri: I was impressed with the complexity and slightly sweet flavors of Korbel’s Brut Champagne. Korbel makes a great bottle containing rich caramel and red apple florals. I loved the flavors of pear, red apple, and apricot within the champagne. It was crisp with a enjoyable finish. I could drink this all evening. 91 points 


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