Columbia Crest Two Vine Chardonnay 2010

Total Wine & More, $5.49
BevMo, $7.17
…also available at most grocery and wine retailers

Aaron:  The smell on this white was light and little “viney” (not winey, like vines that grow up the side of really old classic stone buildings – picture that in your head then think about how it would smell – that’s what I felt).  The flavor was surprisingly big with citrus followed by melon and kiwi (sounds pretty awesome to me).  This was very full, very good and went down very easy.  92 points

Teri: This is a terrific bottle when you are looking for something light on a warm day. A sweet smell of honey and cantaloupe balance out the smooth and light flavors of apricots, citrus, and more cantaloupe. No bite and no bitterness at all! I am purchasing this one again. 90 points


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