Cameron Hughes Lot 301 Zinfandel 2010

Cameron Hughes Lot 381 available at Cost Plus
Purchased from Cost Plus World Market, $8.99

Aaron: The slightly earthy, sharp smell seemed to relate to cinnamon.  This was not predicative of the smooth flavor with a slight bite.  I enjoyed thick mulberry flavors over this very juicy (and sweeter than expected) wine. There were tons of ripe berries and the flavor was pleasantly warming.  91 points

Teri: As someone who has tried an abundance of Zinfandels, this bottle did not impress me as much as I had anticipated. Cameron Hughes Lot 301 Zin started with an earthy smell not containing much fruit. This gave way to a semi jammy flavor starting with some dry fruit tastes and containing a slight bitter bite throughout (perhaps the tannins did not sit well on my palate). If you enjoy wines that contain leafy-currant flavors with some spice this is the full red for you. Personally, not something my taste-buds fancy. 87 points 


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