Edmeades Zinfandel 2009 / Brix Wine Spot

Purchased at Brix Wine Spot in Cave Creek, AZ

Aaron and I took a drive south to Cave Creek, AZ and stopped into a small western themed wine shop called Brix Wine Spot. We were greeted warmly by one of the owners, Bryan, and surrounded by an impressive collection of quality wines. The atmosphere was pleasant and the cheesecake we tried was delicious! If we lived closer I am sure this would be one of our regular stops.

While at Brix we enjoyed this bottle:

Aaron:  The notes above say it all, however in regards to the wine: there was a great full smell with tons of chocolate and fruit with a slight tinge of fire on the nostrils.  A mildly jammy flavor with lots of fruit and not much earth featured pleasant tannins and a hint of raspberries.  90 points + 5 for the company and 3 for the cheesecake

Teri: Jammy strawberry preserves in the smell is just the start to this delicious Zinfandel. With a full body and slow legs, flavors of plum compote and smooth spice entertain your taste-buds along with hints of raspberry and cherry. 90 points



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