Barefoot Merlot NV

Barefoot Merlot can be found just about anywhere wine is sold.

Total Wine & More, $4.47 (750ml) or $7.97 (1.5L)
BevMo, $7.19 (750ml) or $11.99 (1.5L)

Aaron:  I’ve had Barefoot before and have never been, shall we say, impressed (other than with their ability to produce copious gobs of wine which is an operational marvel – long and short, for their business processes they get props, however these are quickly rescinded when one tastes the wine).  This had a very fruity, berry smell with lots of jam.  Interestingly the flavor was dry and a little bland.  I felt it was salty with some plums and not much else.  I am also not a fan of the “tingling” sensation.  I know it’s cheap, but go to Trader Joes; they have decent cheap wines.  85 points

Teri: With a mild nose and standard easy to drink red taste, Barefoot Cellars Merlot is a standard staple in the world of wine. Cherry and rhubarb flavors with a little bit of spice are complex enough that it doesn’t taste like watered down grape juice but not overpowering so that you can easily enjoy what you are tasting. Personally, I love using this wine in my Sangria. It has enough flavor to carry through the drink and cheep enough that I don’t feel bad about mixing items into it. 87 points


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