Island Girls Pinot Noir 2010

Cost Plus World Market, price varies by store

Island Girls Facebook Page
Corsica Wines Website

Aaron:  The smell makes this bottle worth it.  Caramel coated raspberries mold with ocean spray, creating a prelude for sweet cranberry flavors.  This was not too thin but had the enjoyable smoothness of a Pinot.  This is perfect for someone moving from a “newbie” to a “wino in training”.  Complex undertones complement the fruitiness, making this a great learning bottle.  92 points

Teri: I was first impressed with the fantastic smell of this wine–strawberry and brown sugar…yumm! With a medium/light body, this Pinot Noir contained flavors of cranberry, strawberry and a hint of mild oak. A lighter flavor for a red but drinks very easily and contains sturdy tannins complementing the overall taste. 89 points


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