Armida Poizin Zinfandel 2010

Total Wine & More, $19.99

Aaron:  There was a deep syrupy smell to this wine with prunes and berries coupled with just a hint of oak.  The tannins were surprisingly mellow and the cold flavor was very nice.  Vanilla and berry combinations flooded the palate with a bold presence throughout and the finish was fantastic!  93 points

Teri: Don’t be fooled by this bottle. This one is only deadly because of how good it is. A sweeter red apple smell, super slow legs, and a dark red color makes this one temping to the eyes even before the first sip. The rich cinnamon, raspberry, cherry, and clove flavors complement the full body and supple but smooth tannins. I also tasted a hint of sweetness, but not jammy. Overall a great buy. 94 points 


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