Clos du Bois Rouge 2009

Safeway, regularly $12.84
Total Wine & More, $9.99
Clos du Bois Website

Aaron:  This is probably the best blend I’ve had.  The super dark color was worrisome (I was afraid of what my tongue would look like after) and the prune smell with hints of mocha was not impressive.  Following these fears however was a full, rich flavor with dried plum and raisin – almost like a port.  Ribbons of sugar created a velvety texture completely absent of earth notes.  The smooth swallow is what won me over, featuring a clean finish with no burn and moderate tannins.  Most of the points are for being a good blend.  92 points

Teri: Within this bottle I tasted upfront nodes of strawberry/cherry with raspberries on the finish with a slight bite. The bottle carries strong tannins that fall well on the palate and finish with flavors of coffee/spice. Great characteristics for a blend and a mid-level brand. 90 points


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