Vicious Petite Sirah 2009

Total Wine & More, $9.99

Aaron: I love dogs and I love petite sirahs, so this was a major dis to me – as in very disappointing!  The smell was vibrant featuring red fruits but the flavor was overly pruny with unnecessarily intense tannins.  I could taste the coloring in the bottle and while this wine wasn’t harsh, it definitely wasn’t smooth.  84 points

Teri: Juicy smell on the nose of this petite sirah with a full flavor and an overarching taste of pepper/spice. I do taste some undertones of dark berries but it is quickly pushed to the side by the strong pepper flavor. If you like “spice” flavors in your wine you will love this bottle. I don’t particularly like heavy spice, which is the only reason for the slightly lower rating.  87 points 


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