Riunite Lambrusco NV

Featured on our Premier Partners page!  Check out the page for additional insights and custom recipes provided by Riunite Vineyards!

Total Wine & More, $4.29
BevMo, $7.99
Also found at many other liquor retailers.

Riunite Website

Aaron:  I definitely recommend trying this wine, especially for those who normally don’t drink wines or who are just exploring their vino side.  The sweet but tart blackberry nose featured lots of jelly. This sensation was continued throughout the finish with fruits and jams swimming through the palate. The bubbles were enjoyable but not overbearing, making this a great sipping wine on hot days or with spicy foods because it is super refreshing.  90 points

Teri: This wine has a pleasant cherry smell and an overall semi-sweet taste with a hint of a sparkle on the tongue. Having a strong sweet tooth myself, I enjoyed the fruit-forward strawberry and blueberry flavors with classic savory undertones. Overall, refreshing and still full flavored. This is one of those wines where I could finish the whole bottle by myself and not realize it. 94 points


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