Cousino – Macul Antiguas Reservas Chardonnay 2011

Cost Plus World Market, $15.99

Aaron: This chard featured a strong smell of melon and pear.  This generally juicy nose led to a buttery aftertaste.  In between however, citrus flavors, specifically tangerine and lemon flooded the palate making this powerful for a white wine.  In my opinion, this could use some additional sweetness to smooth out the flavor. 89 points

Teri: This is my first time tasting a Chardonnay from Chile. A light smell of oak and lemon pair nicely with floral nodes but those flavors only went as far as the smell.  The taste was different, containing honey, melon, and tropical pineapple, this was pleasant but short lived. An underlying flavor of oak is prominent throughout (someone too much for me) but still great flavors overall. 88 points


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