Bogle Petite Sirah 2010

Cost Plus World Market, $10.99
Total Wine & More, $7.97
BevMo, 2009 Vintage, $10.99

Bogle Website

Aaron: I enjoyed this, as I do most Bogle vintages.  There was a crisp plum tree smell which molded into a full flavor.  I liked the fullness but appreciated the relatively gentle swallow which was not overly harsh.  Exquisite raspberries throughout the mild and mellow flavor were complemented by a hint of chocolate.  90 points

Teri: This was a second tasting of Bogle’s Petite Sirah, only in a different vintage. I was surprised to find I didn’t like this bottle as much as I did in our post on the 2009 vintage. This bottle still contained the dark plum smell but I didn’t get the same strawberries I tasted before. This time I received a brighter mild cherry, plum, and clove-like spice. Not bad for a general standard bottle but I believe a bit more age does wonders for this grape, yielding stronger flavors and a smoother taste. 88 points


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