William Henry Riesling NV

Naked Wines $10.99

Aaron: A grassy nose with green apple subtleties didn’t impress me much on this riesling.  The flavor had a bit of sparkle to it, coating apricots and sour apple.  Overall, this wasn’t bad because of a light honey background taste but not my favorite.  87 points

Teri: This Riesling carried a dryer fruity flavor, one I remember that is commonly found in Rieslings of Southern Australia. A classic lemon-melon smell is followed by flavors of orange, green apple, and citrus to the taste. I noticed much longer legs than is common for white wines and an overall similar flavor to dry-fruity champagne. I give this bottle high personal points for its fruit forward nature and not being as sweet as most American Rieslings. 90 points 


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