Domain Barrossa Black Tongue Shiraz 2010

Purchased from Naked Wines, $21.99

Domain Barossa Website

Aaron:  This bottle impressed me.  Most notable of everything: watermelon flavor – fyi, I love watermelon!  Precluding this was a strong berry smell with a hint of spice.  I felt the creamy flavor with only a slight bite on the swallow was great and the unique finishing flavor makes this is a must try.  92 points

Teri: This bottle lives up to its name, my tongue was dark purple after enjoying this bottle (nothing a good scrub with the toothbrush couldn’t get out). The flavor starts out with a lighter raspberry taste then blends from one flavor to the next very nicely until it ends with a spice finish. A full bodied strong red that is bound to be a favorite of those who like spicy dry reds. Overall, I loved the complexity and uniqueness of this bottle. 91 points


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