Formation Chardonnay 2011

Formation Label, by Vino Del Sol Website

Aaron:  This had a pretty oaky smell with a slight bite of strawberry blossoms.  The flavor featured oak, piled on top of oak, which had been fermented in oak, which was smoked over oak, and in case there was any other flavor still lingering around some oak was added to bring out the true oakiness.  Kidding aside, wow, a little too much for me.  The flavor was smooth and buttery but there wasn’t enough to combat the wood flavor.  84 points

Teri: Very DRY Chardonnay. If that is what you like in a white wine pick up this bottle! A lemon-grass smell hits the nose before the continuous and consistent dry citrus taste with oak on the finish. For me I like a bit more butter in my Chards but its consistency is a good quality. 87 points


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