2 Copas 2011 (Syrah/Tempranillo Blend)

Wine of the Month Club, $21.99

Teri: I tasted a lot of ripe strawberry flavor with berry and a slight smoke and oak finish. The flavor is full and lingers pleasantly on the palate. The tannins are full but smooth. This bottle would be great with full strong meals, pastas, meats, or lamb. The fruit and earthy flavors are balanced well to accompany any occasion. 91 points

Aaron:  There was a potent, intense smell to this Syrah blend.  Raspberry balsamic initiated an open flavor which made me think of a hollow sphere.  Spice and fruit surround a light center, which evaporated.  The flavors honestly seemed like fruity gummy chewies (fruit snacks, not gummy bears).  90 points


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