Bogle Merlot 2010

We purchased this bottle at Cost Plus World Market but you can find Bogle at most grocery stores and wine retailers.
Total Wine & More, $6.97
BevMo, $8.99
Cost Plus World Market, $10.99

Aaron:  As we’ve said before, Bogle does a pretty good job for a lower priced bottle.  While this merlot is not the best Bogle vintage I’ve had it was not disappointing by any measure.  The smell was very earthy with oak, pepper and chives.  However chocolaty smoothness molded with dark berries and a hint of smoke made for a pleasant taste.  My primary complaint is a slight sharpness on the finish which I wasn’t expecting but which might dissipate with age.  89 points

Teri:  The smell was heavy in oak with some dark berry undertones. A heavy dark berry taste (for a Merlot) merged into a long finish and full body (again surprising for a Merlot) with a finish of smoke and dried cherries. The dark red-purple color was pretty but the bottle contained more spice that I am use to drinking in my Merlot, although I did enjoy the structure it provided in this bottle. I have found Bogle does a bit better with some of its other varietals. You may want to skip this one. 88 points 


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