Rodney Strong 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

Total Wine & More, $10.97
BevMo, $16.99

Aaron:  We were excited when our good friend Pat Carroll gave us this bottle (after a great round of golf!)  Tart raspberry and oak clouded the nose while mild tannins and a smooth swallow make this enjoyable.  Overall, this wasn’t bad but wasn’t bursting with flavor.  This is a great middle of the road wine to bring to parties and is sure to be loved – we paired it with some juicy hamburgers.  Especially for those who like berry and oak flavors, this is a wonderful staple.  89 points 

Teri: Rodney Strong is fairly common among restaurant wine lists and liquor retailers. With a blueberry smell and an oaky finish this cab carries a strong and supple flavor throughout. It is bold and is sure to please those who like stronger red wines. 88 points

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