Kimbao Blend 2011

Featuring a guest post by Autumn Melody!

Purchased from Naked Wines, $14.99
Blend of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Merlot

Aaron:  There was a lot of oak and tart raspberry on the nose of this blend but surprisingly the flavor yielded chocolate and nutmeg.  I felt this was smooth and full, mild enough to enjoy but with a solid finish.  Though not the fruitiest wine (which usually leads to higher ratings on this blog!) I felt this was good.  93 points

Teri:  For its strong robust smell, the wine flavor is limited. I tasted some mixed berry (raspberry and strawberry) with leafy green flavors. It was a calm blend and would go with multiple dishes and appease ‘new to red wine’ drinkers. 88 points

Autumn: I’m not a wine person really but Aaron and Teri made me post about this, which was actually pretty fun, maybe I’ll do some more guest posts later.  I felt the flavor was very dry but smooth and not sweet enough for me.  The flavor wasn’t bitter though and overall was relatively mild with no strong aftertaste.  88 points