Edna Valley Savignon Blanc 2011

Safeway, Reg. $15.99
Total Wine & More, $10.99
BevMo, $11.99 (vintage 2009)

Edna Valley Vineyard Website

Aaron: I would consider this a staple and good to bring to a party, but not to impress people or the palate.  Green apple and peaches swam through the smell while notes of rose rang through this mildly heavy white (heavy for a white!).  There was a broad, mostly floral flavor which wasn’t sweet but wasn’t bitter.  88 points

Teri: Edna Valley made a quality Sauvignon Blanc with a stronger taste than most Sauv. Blanc bottles. Lemon and green apple flavors pair with floral notes and then fade to a crisp but smooth dry finish. Commonly found in most wine retailers, this is an easy bottle to pick up on your way home or when going out to a dinner party. 88 points