Reserve De L’aube 2011 Red Wine

Cost Plus World Market, $8.99

Teri: This blend carried both earthy and berry flavors. A mild smell and chunky tannins lead to a long (but full) finish. I tasted some leafy flavors on the aftertaste after blueberry and raspberry flavors on the swallow. The Syrah gives this wine some strong character while the Merlot add a bit of smoothness, but I feel like the Syrah has taken over just a bit too much. 87 points

Aaron: There was an excitingly sweet berry and vanilla smell to this blend which opened up into a nice smooth flavor.  Slight tannins were woven throughout blueberries and red apple, creating an pleasant fullness.  Though surprised by the absence of earth or pepper flavors, the small bite on the swallow reminded me there was some syrah present.  Vanilla and boysenberries lingered on the tongue and overall this was not bad.  91 points


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