Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro 500ml NV

Purchased from Total Wine & More, $18.99

Torres Website

Aaron:  I was intrigued by the strong smell of brandy fermentation on this wine which was admittedly a bit overpowering.  Peach and bananas (yes bananas!) developed nicely on the palate with a potent sense of alcohol accompanying the flavors.  This was not heavy or syrupy but was certainly full.  89 points

Teri: Beautiful! Just the caramel banana smell with a brandy undertone was enough. Wish I could bottle it and put it in a candle. Full and flavorful of peach, banana and cream…plus be careful…slight bite of alcohol you taste is because its 15%. Enjoy with dessert, as dessert, or for any great occasion. 91 points


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