Kirkland Signature Malbec 2011

Costco, $8.99

Aaron:  Spiced dried berries overpowered the spice and leather on the nose and bled into juicy red fruits.  There was a decent amount of pepper and smoke as expected.  I wouldn’t describe this wine as “pleasant” because it’s pretty in-your-face.  It was bold and good to pair with spicier foods. 88 points

Teri: Costco has always impressed me with their Kirkland brand, but this item failed to like up to my expectations. Most Malbec’s are bold, and so it this one, with mild and smooth tannins but what this bottle needs is characteristics to make it stand out from the rest, that this is where it was lacking. Standard woody flavors with blackberry and earthy tones don’t stand out as anything spectacular. Pick something else along the wine isle and leave this one alone. 85 points


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