Longshadow Ranch Cinsault 2011

Purchased from Longshadow Ranch, Temecula, CA
Longshadow Website

Aaron: Buy this wine simply for the smell – seriously, one of the most incredible noses I’ve ever experienced! I can only equate this to a long-burning cinnamon scented candle with clove and berry undertones.  The flavor isn’t bad as well; a nice full body is balanced with a brief note of pepper and brown sugar-coated blackberries dancing throughout the palate.  Of all the Temecula wines I’ve tried this is by far my favorite.  93 points

Teri: The smell of this wine is ‘cin’-sational! Ok…enough with the puns. This wine is fantastic. Not only is the smell unique with nodes of brown sugar and cinnamon (just like a warm cinnamon roll with red hots on top) but the full and smooth taste is a treat for your taste buds. Fruit forward blueberries, raspberries, and a hint of cinnamon spice. Full. Smooth. Flavorful. Harmonious. 96 points


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