Lopez Noceti 1919 Malbec 2009

Total Wine & More, $9.99
Cost Plus World Market, $Price Varies

Aaron:  Our great friend Tony scored some massive points by giving us this bottle which I felt was just incredible!  I’m a malbec guy and honestly for the price this is one of my new favorites.  Roses on the nose were entangled with blueberry jam and a hint of cinnamon.  After this experience the flavor explodes into very ripe blackberries with fresh juice overwhelming the palate (love it!)  This fresh berry flavor led to an excellently smooth finish, just like butter, making this a must try.  94 points

Teri: Lopez Noceti’s 191 Malbec is a standard classic Argentina Malbec: strong, bold, full bodied and beautiful. A leafy green smell of berry bushes make way for a bold burst of spice which flows from first taste to finish. There was also a unique coco/cherry taste on the finish. 90 points


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