Tramin Sud Tirol Gewurstraminer 2011

Purchased from Tramin in Italy
Tramin Website

Aaron:  We loved this bottle when we had it in northern Italy and were just as happy with it back in the states.  The smell alone makes this one of my favorite whites ever.  Rich and bold peach smells complement crisp apple with a hint of salted caramel.  The flavor was just as complex featuring excessively thick whipping cream and zesty lemon.  This was bigger than many reds and featured tons of butter.  Loved it!  93 points

Teri: What better than finding a perfect Gewurztraminer within its home region. ‘Gewurz’–meaning spice and ‘Traminer’–meaning coming from the region of Tramin (a wine growing area in southern Tyrol). Aside from a beautiful area, tasting room, and winery offices this bottle wins top marks with me. Wonderful floral and fruit on the smell, slow legs (like those you see on full bodied reds), green apple with honeysuckle and floral flavors, refreshing lemon on the finish…left me saying ‘wow’. This bottle that may be hard to find in the states..but if you ever do it is a must buy! 93 points


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