Frog’s Leap Savignon Blanc 2012

Purchased from Safeway, about $20
Total Wine & More, $15.99
BevMo, $21.99 (2011 Vintage)

Aaron: Toasted lemon combined with pine trees on the nose of this white and predicated a powerful lemon flavor.  While this overwhelming tart citrus dominated the palate I also made out some faint salt tastes.  This was not very sweet but extremely crisp and has a great body for a sauvignon blanc.  90 points

Teri: This bottle has a strong and forward lemon-grass smell which is pleasant and crisp. The wine has a light body with cantaloupe and lemon flavors followed by some light floral nodes. Although light in body, the wine’s flavor is long lasting sitting on the palate for a duration equal to or longer than most medium bodied reds. This wine would be great with full dinner salads or to accompany flavorful appetizers before dinner. 89 points


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