Opolo Vineyards Summit Creek Zinfandel 2011

Purchased from Safeway
Total Wine & More, $12.97

BevMo, $17.99 (2009 Vintage)

Aaron:  This was a pretty fantastic bottle!  I enjoyed the raspberry – cedar nose but the brilliantly jammy flavor really won me over.  The taste buds are engulfed from all angles with the rich berries and smooth melted chocolate of this full-bodied zin.  Best of all, this was smooth with a gentle but lasting finish, making it a great bottle and exactly suited for my preferences.  94 points

Teri: Strong dark berry with some coco on the smell. Semi-sweet flavor but not overpowering or jammy. I taste LOTS of dark berries, especially raspberry, then the flavor molds into a warm berry-oak aftertaste.This is a big bold red which caters to my sweet tooth but is not overpowering. Fantastic bottle for a nice dinner for two or to give as a gift. 92 points 

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1 thought on “Opolo Vineyards Summit Creek Zinfandel 2011

  1. This is my favorite wine of all time!! I even got to check them out in Paso Robles. If you are ever there, they have a Reserve version of this one and its more complex, equally delicious!

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