Alexander & Fitch Winery Alexander Valley Merlot 2012

Trader Joe’s, $5.99

Aaron:  There was mild pepper on the nose of this cab with lots of oak and a small hint of berries.  The super smooth flavor lacked any bite and balanced well with the medium-full body.  I noticed strawberries on the palate which was unexpected and made this very pleasant to drink.  I feel this is great for people who like smooth but full wines and although there were no prevalent berry or sweet tastes, this is an easy to drink bottle.  91 points

Teri: This merlot carries a standard warm berry smell, mostly of strawberries and blackberries with a hint of spice. Easy to drink, this medium bodied red wine has grassy, oak, strawberry and cherry characteristics which would please a variety of different pallets. Overall, flavorful and smooth. A good buy to buy for yourself or share with others. 89 points


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