Castle Rock Mendocino County Pinot Noir 2011

Total Wine & More, $9.99

Aaron:  The nose of this pinot was surprisingly earthy with dirty roots and a subtle, leafy texture.  There were few berries on the smell but the flavor had a great consistency.  Boysenberry and light coco (not much) added some complexity but there could certainly be more going on.  In my opinion, this could keep someone interested but could probably be better. 86 points

Teri: Castle Rock is one of the most common Pinot Noir’s you will find when dining out. Of the few different types they make, this bottle, with grapes from Mendocino County, has a young and leafy/berry smell on the nose. The taste is mild with smooth tannins and noticeable oak on the finish. An upfront light cherry/berry taste is somewhat short lived and makes way for the smooth finish. Lingering oak is the only flavor I taste after the swallow. 87 points 


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