Nine Points Chardonnay 2011

Purchased from Safeway, price unknown

Aaron:  I was impressed by this bottle but it is a Napa Chard after all.  The light, crisp lemon nose made the rich, buttery flavor a nice surprise.  Complemented by full, savory melon and some oak undertones this was a nice bottle but hard to pinpoint a lot of the more subtle flavors.  92 points

Teri: I had a hard time pinpointing the smell on this wine…it had a hit of lemon but all the other flavors were wound up tight within each other, not floral but not fruity. The wine itself contained mild butter in the taste with lemon and oak on the finish and slight floral undertones. I loved the long lasting flavor making this bottle a good pair with fish and strong pasta sauces. 89 points


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