BV Coastal Estates Zinfandel 2011

Purchased from Safeway, price unknown
BV Website

Aaron:  The nose of this Zin was surprisingly floral with dark timber and tobacco.  There was excessive fruit juice with jammy berries rounding out the flavor.  To be clear, while this reminded me of jams, the viscocity was not what we genrally refer to as jammy, the thickness was much mellower.  Overall, there was a little too much sweetness but still pleasant, featuring cherry and some cocoa.  The finish was nice and lingered long enough to keep me satisfied.  90 points

Teri: With a strong berry smell and thinner legs then you normally see for a Zinfandel, this bottle did not impress me. A uniform blackberry taste from start to finish with a medium finish that lingers but not too long, I didn’t find this bottle savory in the least. The leafy and light oak aftertaste also left me wanting more. Overall, it tasted like something that was mass produced and too young overall. 85 points


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