Josh Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Aaron:  This had a musky smell to me with some ribbons of cocoa.  I enjoyed the mellow flavor though some under ripe raspberries were a bit tart.  Their sweet undertones bleed throughout the flavor however and linger after the swallow.  My favorite part of this wine were the nicely developed tannins which added structure without making this heavy.  I felt the overall balance was superb and while the flavor was not too heavy it was by no means light.  92 points

Teri: Josh’s mild overall strong punch of flavor blends out to noticeable but smooth tannins on the finish. A rooty and oaky nose complements its woody finish paired, with blueberry and current flavors from sip to savor. This bottle is easy to drink even with the strong flavors, but is not overwhelming. Good to pair with a strong meal. 90 points