Maui Blanc (Pineapple Wine) NV

This bottle was brought over from Teri’s best friend who lives on Maui. Thanks Sandy!

Bev Mo, $16.49
Total Wine & More, $8.99

Aaron:  Spoiler Alert! Smells like pineapple.  The bottle says “caramel color” but honestly this looks like water in the glass.  While I love pineapple, I wasn’t a fan of this flavor.  There was a lack of complexity and while I enjoyed trying something new felt this wasn’t a winner.  80 points

Teri: Delicious smell of tropical flavors, especially pineapple…go figure. The color comes very close to clear and the taste left me wanting more after its amazing smell. Similar to pineapple infused water with a hint of an alcoholic aftertaste I preferred to just smell the wine and imagine a taste comparable. Pineapple is the primary flavor overall and it has a short finish with the light taste. This bottle is light and refreshing, but does not carry much substance. 84 points


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