St. Francis Old Vines Zinfandel 2010

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Total Wine & More, $12.97

Aaron:  Teri describes this as hearty and I have to agree.  There was a rich, sweet smell of blackberries and agave with some blueberry undertones.  I felt the flavor was noticeably different and a bit too pruny, but certainly jammy.  The thick and creamy texture of the wine contrasted its flavor and toasted pine combined with smoke on the finish.  I felt this wasn’t bad and was mildly complex but wouldn’t be my first choice.  88 points

Teri: Hearty strong smell of chocolate covered berries was the first positive about this bottle. Strong jammy flavors start with berry tones, change to light jam, then finish with long lingering oak flavors. A short finish overall but the entire flavor is very full. Strong noticeable tannins and slow legs make for a full flavor that holds up to powerful meals. A good bottle but a little bit too much oak on the end for my personal preference. 88 points