Danza del Sol Espumosa California Sparkling Wine Private Cuvee NV

Purchased from the Danza del Sol Tasting room, $24.95

Danza Del Sol Winery Website

Aaron:  Apricot and peach flood the nose from this Champagne however the flavor is a bit tart.  As a note, when we bought this after trying it at the tasting room I felt it was much better.  The smell was absent of sweetness, featuring leaves and salt, while the flavor drowned the taste buds in pear.  There was a brief honeysuckle under the mild mandarin flavor but just a little too much bark within the bubbles.  88 points

Teri: Almost no smell but a plethora of bubbles! This sparkling wine from Danza del Sol was a favorite on our recent trip to the Temecula Valley. I loved this wine for its smooth flavor of caramel and peach. Stronger in taste than other champagnes/sparkling wines, I found this bottle needed a little time to breath after opening. The first flavors had a slight bitterness to the end, but after a while the flavors really opened up and it was extremely enjoyable. 89 points


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