Revelation Chardonnay 2012 & 2011 Vintage

Purchased from Trader Joes, around $7

2011 Vintage
Aaron: The nose of this chard is best described as subtle with a bit of orange and lemongrass.  The flavor was very fluid (yes I understand it’s a liquid, I mean the flavors flowed together well) and transitioned from a sweet honey to a toasted oak, finishing with a gentle, slightly metallic aftertaste.  89 points

Teri: Drinking the 2011 vintage a year later in the bottle yielded slightly lower results for me. Still a pleasant nose of cantaloupe and a hint of lemon, but the flavor wasn’t as rich. I still tasted flavors of cantaloupe, lemon, honeydew, and a small amount of honey but the flavors didn’t arise till later in the taste. Still an abundance of fantastic flavor for a white. 89 points

2012 Vintage
Aaron:  The nose of this vintage was quite different from the earlier year and presented extensive oak smells.  The flavor lacked sweetness and was actually slightly bitter.  This was full with a hint of honey but overall was a bit bland.  87 points

Teri: Same light honeydew smell in the nose, but more buttery flavors and fruit on the forward taste. Heavier lemon and butter up front which leads into a smoother and lighter finish but still long. This is one we classify as “drinking like a red”. 90 points 

Have the 2010 vintage? Check out our post on it! 


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