La Merika Pinot Noir 2011

Purchased from Cost Plus World Market, about $8 on sale

Aaron:  I smelled a raspberry tart with some oak coatings on this pinot, followed by a mild, enjoyable flavor.  I felt this was more bitter than sweet and don’t exactly know what to say about it other than this is a mild and easy-to-drink wine.  This isn’t intense and doesn’t have a lot going on but works well for parties (especially if you don’t know the meal pairings).  87 points

Teri: Don’t be fooled by the semi-oaky smell, the taste is quite different. Full flavors of ripe cherries and strawberries and a lighter overlay of cranberries makes this wine great for parties and many wine drinkers. The long finish allows for great parings with multiple meal types. 90 points

Have an older vintage? 
See our notes on the 2010 La Merika Pinot


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