Mumm Napa Cuvee M NV

Mumm Napa Website, $22
BevMo, $14.99
Total Wine, $15.99

Aaron: I enjoyed this Mumm more than others.  The powerful burning smell featured tons of lemon and sparked the nose.  The flavor wasn’t too dry but wasn’t sweet either, making it crisp on the palate with some bitter peach and apricots.  These fruits swam over tongue while the remaining finish was clean and smooth.  Note: lots of bubbles (go figure).  89 points.

Teri: Light nose of melon and beautiful light flavors of honey and apricot. I was surprised to see such long legs for a sparkling wine with noticeable bubbles but not overwhelming. This sparkling wine was smooth but a long lingering flavor after the swallow. Mumm continues to make a great classic sparkling wine with this bottle. 90 points.