Corinto Carmenere 2012

Wine of the Month Club, $15.99

Aaron:  This had a strong bouquet of black and red berries which I greatly enjoyed, surrounded by sharp metal edges.  The smooth mocha flavor felt like velvet and created a wonderful mouth feel.  The tannins were bold without being chalky and overall I felt this was enjoyable with just the right amount of sweetness.  91 points

Teri: This Carmenere coming from Chili carries the classic flavors you would expect from the climate and growing conditions in South America, more mineral and smoky/earthy flavors.  This wine carries a spicy nose with hints of smoke and is full bodied from start to end, carrying the mineral and oak flavors through its long finish. Only a slight hint of dark berry, this wine has great structure and flavors but my personal palate prefers more fruit. 89 points overall (86 for my personal rating)


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